Why I Decided to Become a Baha’i | Jessica Kemejuk

Jessica Kemejuk—actress, spiritual seeker, and new Baha’i—grew up in Los Angeles, where she suffered from bullying and racism because of her mixed-race, half-Japanese and half-Russian ethnicity. In a journey to find someplace where she would be accepted for her whole self, she encountered and tried on many spiritual modalities, until she met a Baha’i. Then, she says, for her the Baha’i writings and prayers “resonated in this place that only truth does.” She witnessed the vibrancy, honesty and clarity of the Baha’i community, and decided to become a follower of Baha’u’llah. Watch and listen as Jessica explains what impelled her to walk that spiritual path.

What if Birth and Death are Actually the Same?
| Justin Baldoni

Baha’i Actor and My Last Days creator Justin Baldoni explains why he believes he was born to play a part in helping people transition from this world to the next. What if birth and death are actually the same? Justin asks that important question—maybe the most important question imaginable. He describes the birth of his daughter, passing through a dark tunnel into the light, and realizes he will one day greet her joyously once more, when she passes from this world to the next. He wonders whether the prophets of God—Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah—described death as a beautiful, spiritual transition because they knew where we’re all going. Then, Justin asks one more question: What are you spending your time developing?

Your True Calling Might Require a Break from Tradition
| Melody Ehsani

Baha’i Fashion Designer Melody Ehsani finds herself at a deep spiritual crossroads—should she follow her family’s expectations, or her heart? How can she discover her real purpose? She pleads with God to show her a way to understand her own spirit—not just the bright prospects of some prescribed role. She learns to meditate, and finds a way to put questions to her higher self. That spiritual practice, along with the Baha’i Faith’s teachings, gives her the confidence to question everything and take her own path.